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Columbia River Insurance has a dedicated commercial department that currently handles the insurance needs for hundreds of local businesses including public entities, health care, utilities, manufacturers, agriculture, wholesale and retail stores.  Regardless of the nature or size of your business, Columbia River Insurance can provide the most cost-effective insurance solutions available. 

Competitive pricing and custom options are our standard. Sourcing coverage from a large variety of reputable national and regional carriers, Columbia River Insurance will find a plan to fit your needs at a competitive price.  

Common Coverages & Terminology

Property & Casualty

Commercial property and casualty insurance is one of the most important types of insurance in terms of financially protecting the property and physical assets of your business. "Property" insurance covers damage to or loss of the policyholder’s property while "Casualty" or “Liability” insurance (often used interchangeably) cover the policyholder’s legal liability for damages caused to other persons and/or their property.

Errors and Omissions

"E & O" covers a business for a service rendered which did not have the expected or promised results, or which results in a loss or personal injury suffered by the person receiving those services. It also covers situations where the individual or company failed to render service at all. 

Loss of Income

If your business must temporarily close due to a covered event, this insurance will provide you with the funds necessary to continue making payments on your monthly expenses, including employee salaries, until you are able to resume operations.

Commercial Auto

Commercial auto insurance can cover a wide range of verhicle types and drivers.  It generally provides for bodily injury liability and property damage while operating a company automobile and medical payments or Personal Injury Protection (PIP) for the driver and/or passengers of the policy holder's car.  

Hired/Non-owned Auto Liability

This coverage pertains to businesses who rent cars or have employees who use their own vehicles on company business.  It can protect your business from liabilities resulting from the use of rented or leased vehicles or a non-owned verhicle such as an employee using their own vehicles on company business.  

Use of Personal Vehicles

Beware that insurance policies for privately owned vehicles may not cover damage to privately owned vehicles when they are used for business.  

Worker's Compensation

Each state has specific requirements for businesses owners and workers compensation. Wherever you have employees Columbia River Insurance can negotiate and arrange the right coverage for your business.

Workers compensation coverage can provide your company and your employees with the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income/wages
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Death benefits

General Liability

Covers third party liability claims for injuries to other people.

Professional Liability & Malpractice

Covers professionals against loss due to negligent professional duty, wrongful acts, and advice and services that lead to another person’s loss or injury.

Product Liability

Covers against faulty products and damage, illness, injury or death that may occur from using a faulty product.


Covers loss and damage to your commercial business property due to fires, storms and other causes.

Commercial Vehicle

Covers commercial vehicles and drivers for collision, liability, property damage, personal injury and "comprehensive" (now known as "other than collision").

Excess Coverage

Additional coverage beyond that of an underlying policy.

Loss of Income

Covers your business expenses such as rent and employee wages if you can’t operate your business.

Employment Practices Liability

Insures against liabilities that come out of the employment relationship. Coverage is generally included for harassment, discrimination, wrongful discharge, failure to hire, and failure. There are no standard EPLI policies, each policy should be evaluated on its own merits.

Key Person

Covers loss of income that may result from the head of the business or other key personnel becoming incapacitated or passing away (also known as key man insurance).

Directors & Officers

Provides protection against the risk of personal legal action against directors & officers of a company, by shareholders, creditors, competitors and employees for acts of negligence, acts outside their authority, or breach of trust or duty.

Cyber Liability

Addresses the first-party (direct damage) and third-party (liability claims) risks associated with e-business, the internet, networks, and information assets which are not covered by traditional general liability insurance policies.


Bonds are issued by an entity on behalf of a second party, guaranteeing that the second party will fulfill an obligation or series of obligations to a third party. The surety company assumes liability for nonperformance.

While there are many different types of bonds, here are some of the more common bonds

  • Bid Bonds
  • Performance/Payment Bonds
  • Subdivision/Completion Bonds
  • License/Permit Bonds


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