Ways to Save

Teenage Drivers

If you have a teenager just learning to drive, make sure have the right coverage in place, so you are prepared for the costs associated with accidents, injuries and property damage.

While you can expect your premium to increase when you add a teen driver to your policy, there are ways to keep your costs down.  Some insurnace companies offer discounts and savings for:

  1. Excellent Grades
  2. Claims free driving record
  3. Passing a safe driving course

Another factor is the type of vehicle your teen will be driving.  Insurance rates are lower for a safe family sedan that is highly rated in crash tests than a high power, fast accelerating vehicle for example.


College Students

While drivers under the age of 25 are automatically designated in a high-risk category, many insurance companies offer discounts specifically geared toward college-students.  If you are under 25 and live with your parents when you are not at school, you can benefit from a variety of car insurance discounts. 

  1. Stay on your parents policy:  Many insurance companies permit parents to keep students on their policy if they are under 25 and either 1) attend a college/university within 100 miles of their home or 2) attend a college/university more than 100 miles from home but drive only when home on breaks.
  2. Leave your car at home: take advantage of low-mileage discounts or "student away from home"
  3. Get Good Grades:  Statistically, good students are less likely to get into motor vehicle accidents thus most insurance companies offer what is known as "good student" discounts.
  4. Be a safe driver and don't get tickets: A clean driving record can keep your rates on the lower end of the spectrum.  Some insurance companies will even offer discounts for completing defensive driving courses.


More Ways to Save

Age discount: Many discounts start at around 50 and increase every five years.

New business and customer loyalty: Many insurance agencies show appreciation for your business when you start a new policy, and will also reward your customer loyalty when you renew.

Low mileage: If you rarely use your vehicle, such as 5,000 miles per year or less, you may receive a special low mileage discount.

Cars that "look good" to insurance companies:  Consider buying a car that is not prone to problems and does not have a high theft rate. 

Multi-line discount: If you have multiple policies with the same insurer, such as your car, home and RV, you can typically qualify for a discount on the package.

Multi-vehicle discount: If you and your spouse each have a vehicle, or you have two cars, you can enjoy a multi-car discount.

Careful, Accident-free Driving: A clean driving record can result in lower premiums.  Drivers with safe driving records will pay lower rates than those prone to traffic violations or accidents.

Payment in full: Paying your entire premium annually saves on service charges and those savings are passed on to you.

Choosing the right deductible: This is an important step in choosing the right coverage that considers the best value to fit your individual needs. 

Contact an Agent at Columbia River Insurance to make sure you have the right coverage and are taking advantage of eligible discounts.

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