Specialty Coverage Options

High Value Home

If you have a great deal of wealth invested in your home, typical homeowners insurance policies may not be suitable for your situation. If you have a high value estate with expensive furnishings and valuables, you may need specialized insurance to cover your investments for damage or loss.

High value home insurance providers understand that your coverage needs to extend beyond the typical structure and contents coverage you expect from a traditional policy. Columbia River Insurance professionals will offer you unparalleled confidential service as they manage your personal insurnace needs.  With access to unique coverage options and greater policy limits CRI agents can make sure your investments are covered.

Flood Insurance

Don't be caught unaware.  Unfortunately many property owners do not know that flooding is not covered under their homeowners insurance.  Flood protection insurance must be purchased separately. You don't need to live in a flood plain to purchase flood insurnace and while you can purchase flood insurance at anytime, there is a waiting period until your policy and coverage would go into effect.

Earthquake Insurance

Earthquakes are generally not covered by typical homeowners insurance policies. Many insurance carriers offer riders to provide some level of earthquake insurance to homeowners.  Coverage offered by different policies may vary. Some policies only cover damage to the home while others will cover accessory structures such as garages and a very comprehensive plan can provide coverage for personal belongings in your home.

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